Friday, December 11, 2009


Amy Tipton is my agent.

She's also my cheerleader, my inspiration, my fan, my leader, and my friend. She's the wonderful woman who ushered me onto the yellow brick road of publishing. She held my hand, she kept me pumped, she made sure I had my head on straight. I still remember the day she called.

I also remember how every time she called me after that, she would always start by saying, "Hi, it's Amy Tipton, YOUR AGENT," (as if I would ever forget) and that always makes me smile.

If you read my little series on the journey to publication, you know that my first book didn't sell. But Amy never, ever gave up on me, or my stories. Every step of the way she pushed me, or hugged me, depending on what I needed. She kept me positive, she kept me looking forward, and where some agents in that situation might have put their author on a back burner, Amy kept me at the forefront. When I began work on NW, she cheered me on. She's always cheering for me. It's been an amazing year and a half, and I look forward to having her for many more years.

Amy, thank you. Thank you for being close enough that I feel like I can send you anything, from absurd ideas about menopausal covens to random notes filled with emoticons and ~*~*~*~ to pictures of cupcakes with speech bubbles. In addition to all the work-related stuff.

Thank you for being there, and for always believing in me.

Thank you for being a badass. A rock star. A trooper. A fashionista. An inspiration.

Thank you for being one of the strongest, most passionate people I know.

And thank you for being my agent, my role model, and my friend.

**Note: This is part of Unofficial Official Agent Appreciation Day, a fabulous idea of Kody Keplinger's. Because sometimes agents get a bad rap, we wanted to join together to surprise our agents with a little love. A list of participating blogs will be available here: **


  1. Awww. Your agent sounds fabulous. If I was Amy I'd be boohooing right now after reading your post. Tears of happiness of course. Good luck with everything!

  2. Amy sounds amazing!!! Great post, V!