Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I feel like the pied piper...

...only without the music.

All I have is a new blog and the plea that you like me enough to follow me there, and the promise that I'll stay put. At first I set out to conquer the internet, and now I must condense my efforts :p


Pretty please, follow me? Would it help if I told you it was my birthday? Maybe?

Well, I'm playing my pipes and wandering over here, if you'd be kind enough to follow. There will be cupcakes in the morning, I can tell you that. Well, PICTURES of cupcakes, anyway :)


  1. Are you leaving this blog? :( No more blogger for you??

  2. Amanda, I had three blogs set up, and had to condense down to one. It was hard to pick which one to end up using, but I chose wordpress. My blogging won't change AT ALL, only my platform. I'll still be blogging far too often :p I'd really, really love it if you'd add the new blog to your watch.


  3. i like this, discovered you through
    maybe just get your voice out there more. your blog is real though and thats nice to see