Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Ugh I Hate You! Let's Make Babies."

Come into my blanket fort and learn about BAD ROMANCE. *starts singing Lady Gaga to self*

So, it's Wednesday again. And that means that, just like last week, I made a vlog. I also made a blanket fort. Actually, it's a SECURITY BLANKET FORT. And this week I'm talking about the balance between ATTRACTION and REPULSION in "bad romance".

My blanket fort is cushioned. And stocked with chocolate. And I have a diagram I use to talk about bad romance involving a stapler, a photo holder, and raisonettes.

I actually had to THINK really hard about this post, and you all know what state my brain is in during tennis (edits), so please come say hi. Or at least click the play button :p It would make my day.


  1. Fabulous! You know, I've been doing Tennis too, I feel your pain. :0)

  2. I am totally loving your v-logs! You have a really charismatic, straightforward and above all, COMFORTABLE way of doing it which makes it really easy to watch. Its a rare thing in the book blogging community cos bookish people tend to be shy and I can hardly hear them! Anyhoo, all I'm trying to say is that your vlogs are engaging and keep up the good work!

    And I am totally understanding this bad romance thing - books are just lost to me if they play their cards wrongly with the character relationships. Why don't all authors know about this bad romance business? Or if they do, why do they ignore it?? arrrgh.


  3. Kristi- Thank you! And hang in there with the tennis!

    Aimee- I am so, so glad you're enjoying the vlogs (and I'm blushing like crazy). And I'm delighted that this particular one spoke to you! It's a topic near and dear to my frustrated little heart :p